Tap For Tips – Veganspiration

Vegan products, restaurants and initiatives are popping up like mushrooms. Vegan is the new vegetarian. It’s hot ????. So vegans listen up! This week we highlight 3 accounts you need to follow for some veganspiration.

1. @lisagoesgreen

Lisa likes to show how easy and fun it is to eat plant-based food (more often). Follow her Instagram account for the tastiest recipes, tips, personal stories, interviews, hotspots and articles about veganism, sustainability and the climate. You go girl.

Screenshot 2021 06 25 at 11.50.11

2. @plantbasedlogic

@plantbasedlogic is an Instagram account with only funny plant-based memes, sounds logical
right? 😉

Screenshot 2021 06 25 at 11.49.43

3. @weareveganuary

In addition to the one-month-without-meat trend, Veganuary was also a real trend. Throughout the month, people ate no meat or other animal products. Even though January is already over, this is a super good account to follow. Besides finding tasty recipes, the account also reminds you why you chose vegan. After all, you are doing it not only for your own health, but also for the planet and animals… So throw that follow!

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