The best work is created in a happy team, which is why work happiness is high on the agenda. We offer a free culture, nice work environment and advancement opportunities that will make you enjoy your job.

Core values

Do it together 👏🏾

We have an open attitude, like to go the extra mile and always work with the client and each other.

Give energy ⚡

We’re a bunch of enthusiasts and if we get energy from our work, we’re fine.

Raise the bar 👩‍🚀

We continue to innovate, deliver on what we promise and go the extra mile next time.


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Lars works with everyone and ensures that everything runs smoothly. As a pacesetter par excellence, he is also a permanent member of the FECO.

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Joelle keeps you informed of the latest trends on social. In addition to Social, she also has another hobby, namely drinks. Fun fact: her drinks usually start around 4 o’clock! 🤪

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As a seasoned Glue creative, she has many champagne corks to her name. Pauline loves color, of all the Glue people she has the most colored walls in her house.

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Roos can do a lot with Adobe and also with a sewing machine. When she is not designing, she sometimes produces a video shoot or a company outing. What can’t she do?

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Bente ensures that every project runs smoothly, every project! She has the largest WhatsApp sticker collection of anyone and has a sticker at the ready for every situation.

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Lorenz is your starting point for a great collaboration. He helps you with strategy and ensures that we fulfill all our agreements. He takes care of customers just as well as his son Charlie 👶🏼❤️

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Evert is a motion graphic designer. Evert never stands still, like a magician he masters every program and when he sets his mind to something he does it 100%.

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After six months in warm Cape Town, Marijn is now joining the Lijm office as a TikTok Creator. She keeps a close eye on viral trends and is busy making TikTok videos for clients! #foryoupage 😜

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As a lead strategist, no insight is safe from Max. He helps clients with campaigns that work. He has also written a children’s book and is the longest Gluer #winning

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When Sam is not working at Lijm, you can find her at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. You can also spot her sweating on the hockey field or enjoying herself on the terrace. Cheers!

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Meet us Merel, our creative from the pleasant South. With her talent for coming up with content, she knows better than anyone else how to put brands in the spotlight. It’s a good thing that she has a passion for photography! 😉

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