Tap For Tips – The sun is out

The sun is out baby! The mercury is rising again and the sun is also showing more and more often. That means: sun, sea, beach and cocktails. This week we are sharing three accounts that will allow you to celebrate summer!

1. @sun

The sun is shining again and temperatures are rising, which means the balmy summer evenings are once again upon us. With your love (or friends) enjoy the peace, the outdoors & each other! Can’t you wait either? This account shares with you the most beautiful snapshots of the sun.

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2. @naifcare

Now that the sun is showing itself again, it is also time to lubricate. Because UV radiation is out in force and can cause your skin to burn or age. Will. you.don’t. But, we’ve got your back! This brand sells natural sunscreen. Good for you and for the environment. Completely carefree into the sun 😉

Screenshot 2021 05 31 at 15.20.24

3. @cocktails

Have you already gotten thirsty from all the previous inspiration above? We got you covered. This account is full of great recipes for a summer cocktail. Cheers.

Screenshot 2021 06 01 at 13.07.05