Tap for Tips! Spring is here

Time for spring!

Sunshine, blossoms, birds and so much other beauty. This week, we share three accounts that you can use to celebrate spring.

Early birds

Spring means waking up to birds, but which birds actually sing your alarm tune? BNN Vara’s Vroege Vogels instagram shares 1001 beautiful birds (and other spring critters) with fun facts.


Polish it up!

Need a little motivation for annual spring cleaning? This account polishes, scrubs and sweeps everything together. Enough inspiration, polish away! ????


Spring fever

Spring fever, or flirting with mouthfuls of sunshine. You need extra good opening sentences for that. We’ve got you covered! This account is full of them.

openingszinnen 2

Cuteness overload

Little lambs, calves, puppies and so many more sweet spring critters. This account has it all. Note: overdose of cuteness.

cute animals2