Tap for Tips! Online self-care

Taking a little care of yourself has not just consisted of personal hygiene and healthy eating for quite some time now! Your mental well-being is an important part of self-care. Social media is not being left behind, and more and more positive, self-help accounts are seeing the light of day. We collected some fine accounts to follow for your mental health.

1. Millennial Therapist

It is always good to take a moment to reflect on all your thoughts and emotions. Sara Kuburic’s channel offers online help, gives you fine tools and asks (confrontational) questions.

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2. Selfcare4yu

Finely rendered positive quotes and threads. The necessary information for a dose of self-care. Mostly recognizable, uplifting and motivating!

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3. The mind geek

Therapist and author Sarah Crosby on the account The mind geek gives fun designed tips on how to work on improving your mental health in a short period of time.

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