Tap for Tips! International Women’s day

Every year, March 8 is dedicated to International Women’s Day. There will be inspiring (digital) events, 1.5 meter marches, but of course there are also special online communities that may be put in the extra spotlight this day.

This week, we highlight three accounts that motivate, understand and inspire women.


Girlboss is a community of strong, curious and ambitious women who redefine success on their own terms. Girlboss created to inform, entertain and call people to action.

Girlboss 1

But like maybe

Still, not everything has to be so serious; sometimes things just don’t go well for a while, and that’s okay too. The account But Like Maybe depicts this beautifully and is the account for relatable comics for a Gen Z / Millenial woman.

But like Maybe 2


Back to Holland, to a wonderful account full of information and illustrations. Feminer is a movement of young women with diverse ambitions but with the same goal: a world led by both men and women.

Feminer 2

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