Tap for tips! AR Filters of food brands on Insta

Augmented reality is going to change our lives. Behind your computer, you try on a new pair of sunglasses, see how a color looks on your wall or install your Vogel bracket on the wall without signing off. AR is the future. That’s what these brands below must have thought when they created an AR filter for Insta, not. In the useless but fun category, we’ve selected three AR filters for you wich won’t do you much good, but are really fun to send to your friends!

HEMA – classics

Is it a game or is it a filter to give your grandmother a heart attack? A little of both it seems. First, the tompouces fly around your ears, then you look like you have one on your face. Besides the tompouce, you can also stick your head in a smoked sausage, YES! Classic HEMA.

FEBO – Bitterball Head

A dream for many and FEBO makes it possible, your head is a bitterball. A very happy bitterball even. What’s also bold is that your new bitterball head reacts to what you do with your old head. If you give a wink, so does your new bitterball head. Mouth open or closed, no problem for this bitterball. But there is more…. Besides a bitterball, you can also get flying hamburgers around your head or a snack wall in your living room. #winnen

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Mc Donalds – Chicken Nuggets (3 flavors)

Mc Donalds has a three filter but this is still the gem. Your head in a tub of Chicken Nuggets. You can choose between classic, vega or spicy. Depending on your mood. Throw these variations in the fryer with a serving of greasy music and you have the Chicken Nuggets face filter!