Tap for Tips! 5 influencers with self-mockery

These influencers have understood with self-deprecation you always put yourself right in the spotlight! A delightful change among ál those Insta perfect photos. We have five for you:

Tobias Camman – Influencer Tobias

This self-made influencer totally got it. Commerce and collaborations are what it’s all about. He is open to collaborations with all brands and products. He is also up-to-date on the latest poses that are popular in the influencer landscape. Anything for the fans.

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Jaqueline Timemachine

Vivianhoorn’s so-called sister shows us what life is all about. Eating, thinking about food and talking about food. She posts content full of self-deprecating humor and awkward poses. Thick Like.

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Bram Krikke

Bram Krikke has himself Photoshopped into photos of other Insta celebrities. So he hangs out with Drake on his boat, shops with Kyliejenner or accidentally photobombs Justin Bieber when he pees on a tree. Very believable it is not, funny it is.

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Celeste Barber

Celeste has made her hobby her profession. Imitating “real” pictures of celebrities. It’s hilarious to watch and probably how the people she imitates look the first few times when shooting the pictures.

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Chessie King

Chessie King guarantees a good dose of body positivity as well as a good dose of positivity in general.

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