Just Getting Started

Glue and Qontent Matters, in partnership with VEA, launched an initiative to bring young agency owners together to let them learn from each other: Just Getting Started.

The Dutch agency landscape is evolving fast, very fast. New communication channels and associated resources follow each other in rapid succession. Young, entrepreneurial creatives know how to respond to this faster, smarter and more effectively. Whereby new services are being developed for brands that allow a brand story to be told anytime, anywhere. But where do you start as a young agency director?

Let’s get started

Of course, everyone knows a few people in the Dutch advertising world. Still, it is nice to be able to spar with like-minded people who are in the same phase and going through the same development. How do they tackle things? What should you pay attention to? How can you run an agency even more effectively? More importantly, how do you keep time for entrepreneurship while creating work you are proud of?

A community for young agency directors

VEA’s Just Getting Started is an exclusive community for young agency directors. This community meets once a quarter. Just low key and no fuss. Each time there is a theme centered on the 4 P’s: personnel, dough, production and pitches. Everyone can speak freely about this from their own experience, so that it will be an inspiration to others. Thus, everyone helps each other in how to effectively run your newly started agency.

Sign up for a flying start

Would you also like to share your experience or have you just started an agency? Through us, you can sign up for Just Getting Started by sending an email to felicia@vea.nl and we will send you further info.

Do so, because this is the community where everyone can learn from each other, because we don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time!