Five brands to follow on Tik Tok

Get inspired by these fat Tik Tok cases!

More and more (Dutch) brands are on Tik Tok. That’s why it’s time to take a look at what goodies they all sling on the canal. Therefore, this update full of insane Tik Tok cases from home and abroad.

HEMA Amsterdam

HEMA’s channel is full of funny content. But something that really stands out is the very first Tik Tok movie! They made cool use of the platform’s features, giving all young creators the chance to star in the first HEMA Tik Tok movie. HEMA has put a handful of sound clips online for young creators to use. This is where creators create the craziest things. The film will be edited and posted on Youtube. Below is a preview:


Efteling’s Tik Tok channel is full of creative content. You can find many contests where you can win admission tickets or a one-hour ride on your favorite roller coaster. They also have other sections such as a humming challenge and a game where you have to guess which roller coaster you see as fast as you can. You also see many of the Efteling staff returning. In short, a super versatile and fun account to follow!

We know by now that doesn’t take itself too seriously on Instagram. They do that again on Tik Tok! The entire account is full of (word) jokes and there is even a section where they throw products into the blender and then turn them into something else. Also totally not serious of course. Keep up the good work!


Nice the Tik Tok account from Rituals! They help you with helpful content such as a “bedtime routines,” DIY masks and other helpful content. They also post fat tasty images, sort of like eyegasms, of various products being cut, squeezed or scraped. Yummy for your OCD!


Ajax, of course, cannot be missing from this list of Tik Tok acounts! On Ajax’s account you will find a lot of exclusive content: behind the scenes material, calls from players or other fun stuff. But of course the bulk of the content is just beautiful soccer footage from trick shots to goals, you can find everything there!