These are our 5 favorite TikTok trends

At Glue, we examined some TikTok trends of late. These were our 5 personal favorites.
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TikTok trends in recent months

We’re not proud of it, but over the past few months we’ve scrolled a lot again on TikTok. We saw a few notable trends pass by again recently – from the Broom challenge to an Esma mix. Now that you are reading this, do you have no idea what we are talking about? Then you are in the right place with this blog post.


We don’t really want to hear any more about it, but the croissant with cream and a layer of pink frosting should definitely not be missing from the list. The baking phenomenon has taken the Netherlands by storm. All of known and unknown Holland had to, and would, try this ant-sweet bake.

In our office, opinions were divided. For now, most of us have tried the crompouce once in the office and haven’t touched it since. The commotion surrounding the crompouce does not negate the fact that it can still be found at almost every bakery and oliebollenkraam.

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If you thought it couldn’t get any crazier with the crompouce hype, several variations have since appeared. So is the crookie, a mix between a cookie and a croissant.

Also, was this really worth the hype, or actually a minor setback? For Tefal, we tested this out.

Time to taste 😉

Esma Hack?

A classic Espresso Martini is made by mixing 30 ml of espresso, 30 ml of vodka and 30 ml of coffee liqueur in a cocktail shaker. For those who like it a little sweeter, sugar syrup can be added.

For a quick hack, you only need two ingredients: a shot of espresso and a beer. Mix the two together and you have a drink that should taste like an Espresso Martini.

Of course, we had to try this hack ourselves. What did we think?

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Day in the life

A trend that has been popular for years, and doesn’t seem to be going away either: a day in the life. What do we all love about watching videos of other people’s day anyway? Apparently we do get a little inspiration for our own lives.

Whether it is about food, clothing or sports, it remains interesting. Fortunately, our Juliet also gave a glimpse into her life. Rather; her first week of work at Glue. How did this one go? You can see it in her TikTok.

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Broom Challenge

The bromine challenge went viral and people on the Internet laughed hysterically as men tried to accomplish this “simple” task. In the challenge, the man and the woman do the same act, to see which of the two can accomplish it. Because of the different center of gravity in the man’s body, he should not be able to do this.

Of course we also had to try this challenge in the office, just to see if it was really true that men cannot do this. With us, we were proven wrong, watch the video here!

Can you do this better?
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